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Working with a Wedding Florist

The wedding flowers and wedding accessories you will choose at your wedding can play a significant role in creating an event that is beautiful. Selecting your flowers and wedding accessories can be a confusing task.  To make it is easier, it is important to hire the right florist and/or wedding planner.

Florists today often provide lighting, rentals, tables, and chairs, table linens, chair covers and isle runners.  Your florist may also help the bride with guidance on coordinating the wedding accessories, such as wedding party favors, wedding picture frames, wedding cake topper, wedding candle accessories and wedding table accessories.

Prepare a preliminary list of all your wedding flower needs beginning with the basics.  Nearly every bride carries a bouquet but you may also want a hair wedding accessory, Bouquets for your Bridesmaid, Petals for the Flower Girl; Boutonnieres for the Groom, Groomsmen, Fathers and Grandfathers; Corsages for Mothers and Grandmothers, and decorations for the wedding ceremony.  Think about the essentials for the reception, such as bouquet toss, wedding accessories to include flowers and wedding cake toppers, Centerpieces, Floral arrangements, for buffet table or place card table and/or guest book.

It is best to book your florist at least 6 months in advance and choose your wedding accessory collection, especially if your wedding is planned for the popular months of June through September.  You should choose a florist who has experience doing wedding flowers.  If the florist just runs a local floral shop /he/she may not be familiar with planning a large event.

You will want to ask the florist these questions
1. Is the florist familiar with the wedding ceremony and/or reception locations?
– If they are unfamiliar with the locations, ask if they can visit the locations to check and see what challenges or advantages they might encounter.
2. Ask if the person you are speaking with will be making the actual floral arraignments themselves.  If another person is in charge of handling these tasks, find out who that would be.


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Thinking of Flowers

When most brides think of wedding flowers they are concerned about the cost.  There are many ways to stretch the floral budget and still get a great look

  1. Avoid planning your wedding during a major holiday when floral prices tend to be their highest
  2. 2. Use only flowers in season, tulips in summer must be imported and can add a lot o the cost.  Using filler flowers, such as carnations, statis, wax flower, baby breath can add color and fullness to the arrangements.
  3. Use ceremony flowers at the reception

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