Sit-Down Dinners vs. Buffets, The Best Value For YOUR Dollar?

Contrary to popular belief, the sit-down, packaged dinner that includes everything from the cocktail hour, to dinner, and sometimes the wedding cake, is the best value for your dollar!

Buffets, on the other hand, where every item is charged separately, always add up to more money!

Happy Wedding Planning All!

Deborah McCoy

P.S. To email Deb with your questions:

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Think Pink This October

September 28th, 2011 | By: Mandy Maxwell

Breast Cancer Awareness Flyer

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and the time the whole world turns PINK! Because about 1 in 8 women in the US will develop breast cancer over the course of her lifetime, but this doesn’t have to be a death sentence. The good news is, with early detection, there is a 95% survival rate! So if you’re over 20, male or female, don’t forget to check yourself regularly!

In 2010, there were more than 2.5 million breast cancer survivors in the United States alone. This is a fact we should all be excited about. Cancer is a scary subject and hearing stories of survival are always encouraging! The battle with breast cancer is a fight we CAN and WILL win! All it takes is reminders, awareness and a little PINK!

If you know someone who has championed their fight with breast cancer, send them Think Pink flowers this month to let them know how happy you are to have them in your life.

We have added a PDF download of the above flyer here: Breast Cancer Awareness Free Flyer

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More Than Just a Boutonniere: Trends For Fall

August 25th, 2011 | By: Hannah Gonzalez

Natural Boutonniere InspirationBoutonnieres are a long-standing tradition; generally simple, delicate, and reflective of the partners wrist corsage or bouquet. But who says a boutonniere can’t make a statement with a hint of flair, all on its own?

2011 fall boutonniere trends are leaning toward a more natural, earthy style than the average carnation or red rose.  Twigs, rope, feathers, berries, shells, stones, and thick textures turn what could be an ordinary boutonniere into something outstanding!

Natural Boutonniere Ideas:

  • Imagine a sunflower donning driftwood and/or feathers
  • Fun-textured greens nesting upon the lapel of a dark brown tuxedo.
  • Green button poms with red berries, rope, and festive greens will POP against the back drop of a black lapel.
  • Twigs wrapped together in raffia with a pheasant feather 

Natural and floral pocket squares are also very trendy this year.

No matter the color of the tuxedo or suit, these earth-inspired boutonnieres are sure to make a statement at any wedding or event.

Thinking outside the box!

Using your imagination as you get back to your roots with nature inspired boutonnieres will inspire you to create  a piece of wearable art that will stand out amongst the others!

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Why have a San Diego Wedding?

A San Diego wedding. Sunny, blue, breezy, and romantic almost 12 months per year. What better locale for a wedding than San Diego, that metropolitan yet laid-back Southern Calilfornia city? With its year-round warm climate and scenic environs, a San Diego wedding is ideal for both marrying couples and their wedding guests, who sneak a few vacation days surrounding your big day.Oceanfront wedding flowers

Nothing is more welcome especially to snow-weary East-coast and Midwestern guests—than the sun, fun, and celebration of a San Diego wedding invitation. Adding to the fun is the multitude of options available to couples planning a San Diego wedding. From Oceanside in the north and Chula Vista in the south, blue water is everywhere, with many beautiful hotels, restaurants, and public parks lining Mission and San Diego Bays and the Pacific Ocean. Popular seaside San Diego wedding sites include Coronado’s world-famous Hotel del Coronado and La Jolla’s Cuvier Park/Cove and “pink jewel” La Valencia Hotel – all offering unparallelled coastline (and sunset) views. Bayside, carefree and picturesque San Diego wedding locations include the Catamaran Resort, the Bahia Hotel, and the Dana Inn, where calm blue waves and brightly-colored sailboats are poised to frame San Diego wedding photos.

Happily, to carry though the shoreside mood, beach-themed San Diego wedding accessories abound. Everything from San Diego wedding palm tree candle wedding favors and rhinestone flower bouquet jewelry in the shape of flipflops—and of course, many seashell-bedecked accessories from guest books to picture frames– are available 24/7 for online orderinng., headquartered in San Diego, offers the widest online selection of San Diego wedding and beach-themed wedding accessories. So get ready.

Pack those sunglasses and suntan lotion with your bridal gown and tropical-print cummerbund and head to points southwest for your unforgettable San Diego wedding.

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Working with a Wedding Florist

The wedding flowers and wedding accessories you will choose at your wedding can play a significant role in creating an event that is beautiful. Selecting your flowers and wedding accessories can be a confusing task.  To make it is easier, it is important to hire the right florist and/or wedding planner.

Florists today often provide lighting, rentals, tables, and chairs, table linens, chair covers and isle runners.  Your florist may also help the bride with guidance on coordinating the wedding accessories, such as wedding party favors, wedding picture frames, wedding cake topper, wedding candle accessories and wedding table accessories.

Prepare a preliminary list of all your wedding flower needs beginning with the basics.  Nearly every bride carries a bouquet but you may also want a hair wedding accessory, Bouquets for your Bridesmaid, Petals for the Flower Girl; Boutonnieres for the Groom, Groomsmen, Fathers and Grandfathers; Corsages for Mothers and Grandmothers, and decorations for the wedding ceremony.  Think about the essentials for the reception, such as bouquet toss, wedding accessories to include flowers and wedding cake toppers, Centerpieces, Floral arrangements, for buffet table or place card table and/or guest book.

It is best to book your florist at least 6 months in advance and choose your wedding accessory collection, especially if your wedding is planned for the popular months of June through September.  You should choose a florist who has experience doing wedding flowers.  If the florist just runs a local floral shop /he/she may not be familiar with planning a large event.

You will want to ask the florist these questions
1. Is the florist familiar with the wedding ceremony and/or reception locations?
– If they are unfamiliar with the locations, ask if they can visit the locations to check and see what challenges or advantages they might encounter.
2. Ask if the person you are speaking with will be making the actual floral arraignments themselves.  If another person is in charge of handling these tasks, find out who that would be.

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Thinking of Flowers

When most brides think of wedding flowers they are concerned about the cost.  There are many ways to stretch the floral budget and still get a great look

  1. Avoid planning your wedding during a major holiday when floral prices tend to be their highest
  2. 2. Use only flowers in season, tulips in summer must be imported and can add a lot o the cost.  Using filler flowers, such as carnations, statis, wax flower, baby breath can add color and fullness to the arrangements.
  3. Use ceremony flowers at the reception

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Tips for Stretching Your Floral Budget

1. Avoid weddings during a major holiday season (such as Valentine’s Day) when flower prices are at their highest.

2. Use only flowers in season. For example, tulips for a summer wedding must be imported and can add a lot to the cost.

3. Request inexpensive filler flowers available each season.

4. Use your ceremony flowers at your reception, too. Have them delivered and set up before the guests arrive.

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Questions to Ask When Interviewing a Florist:

1. Are there rental fees, or does the price include baskets, runner, arch or any props?

2. Will the florist label all personal flowers or does he/she stay to pin them on?

3. Does the price include delivery and pick-up of rental items after reception?

4. When does the florist purchase the flowers? One to two days before the wedding is ideal.

5. Does the florist have a refrigerator? Roses, gardenias, and other delicate flowers need to be kept cool, especially during summer months.

6. IMPORTANT: Will the florist be there for setup or will it be left to the delivery driver? Especially for outdoor weddings, the arch, gazebo, or chuppah needs to be decorated as close to the ceremony as possible—not hours beforehand.

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LILIES– Lilies are popping up all over the place . Lilies are the most common of the summer flowers. Most lilies are able to survive with little care and are drought tolerant plants.

CALLA LILY– Calla lilies bloom color may be pink, violet/lavender, dark purple/black or white/near white. With this many variations, you’re sure to find one to compliment any occasion. Calla Lilies are very popular wedding flowers!

GLADIOLAS– Sometimes called the sword lily, these lilies stand tall in a vase arrangement. Gladiolas are a great way to add height and color to any arrangement.

HYDRANGEA–Probably the favorite of all summer flowers, the hydrangea’s blooms definitely have a commanding presence. Hydrangeas have two types of flower arrangements: mop-head flowers are the large round flowers resembling  pom-poms. In contrast, lacecap flowers have round flat flower heads with a center core of fertile flowers surrounded by outer rings of sterile flowers.

Reprinted with permission of FLOWERSHOP NETWORK.COM

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From pale periwinkle to jewel tones. Purple adds drama and mystery. I add yellow, pink, and white flowers to add contrast and lighten the palette. To create great focal points with intense color, I combine shades of orange or gold in front of a swath of purple blooms. My favorite color combination is combining a punch of chartreuse with deep purple- talk about eye catching! Below are some of my favorite purple blooms:

Hydrangea – Available May through October. A favorite for Bridal Bouquets; Can vary in color from light sky blue, periwinkle blue, to lavendar tones. Very fragile in summer heat.

Hyacinth – Available November thru April in pink, white ,  lavendar, and purple. A popular cjoice for wedding  bouquets.

Freezia – Popular spring flower with a light fragrance. Is said to be the flower to symbolize “peace and calm”. Popular colors are lavender, pink, yellow, and white.

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